Three things you must do in Budapest

Budapest is one of the largest capital in Europe. When you arrive there, the first thing you notice are the great buildings. So impressive and majestic. The other great thing about this city are the thermal baths. All of them are different and have their own identity. Visiting at least one of them is unavoidable. On the top of that, Budapest is offering a vibrant nightlife. So if you are in Budapest for a short time, what should you absolutely see or do ?

Here is a quick guide about transportations in Budapest that you should absolutely check before exploring the city if you don’t want bad surprises.

Have a look at the monuments

You can anyway not avoid the Parliament. Going up the hill of Buda, to the castle and see the view of the city from their is breathtaking. One of my other favorite monuments is the huge Basilica, named St Stephen’s Basilica, in honor of Stephen, the first King of Hungary.

Facts and tips

  • St Stephen’s Basilica measures 96m heigh.
  • Go to the castle at night, the atmosphere and the beauty are univaled
  • Going up to the castle by walk is more than doable, no need to pay for the funicular



Budapest Parliament

Go to the thermal baths

There are approximately 1000 natural spring water sources in Hungary. Budapest counts many baths in the city center.  One of the most famous is Szechenyi Baths. In the baths, you can enjoy hammams, saunas, hot tubs, cold tubs, swimming pools, etc. You can get massaged and some of them have hot tubs outside which is really nice when it is cold or at night. Some baths are more touristic than others.


A useful website to make your choice is

Taste the nightlife

Budapest offers many places from bars with unique atmospheres to alternative night clubs. In Budapest, you have to go to Szimpla Kert, probably the most famous bar. I am usually not a fan of “most famous” places but I have to admit that this place is worth having a look. It is a huge place with old mismatched items.

Check the list of bars and nightclub to avoid in Budapest


Extra tips:

  • A great Airbnb in Buda suitable for family, couples or group of friends
  • A website with the best tips from local people
  • The opera house is one of prestigious monuments of Budapest. Go there and ask for the programm. Tickets are cheap and the experience of seing a ballet or an opera there is memorable.

Enjoy your trip and thank you for reading. Take care.


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