Three vegetarian-friendly and affordable restaurants in Belgrade

Serbian food is known to be heavy, with plenty of calories. Traditional dishes are mainly made of meat, pastry, and local vegetables and the variety of meals is overwhelming. When we arrived in Belgrade, we’ve been told by locals that there were no real traditional Serbian restaurants in the center and since I am a vegetarian, we were not really attracted by trying the Serbian cuisine anyway. Our goal was to eat healthy food at a low to medium price. We could find a couple of places where the food was tasty and healthy, the service neat and friendly for a reasonable price. Here, is my top 3 of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants to visit in Belgrade.

Delicious Mediterranean dishes in pleasant atmosphere

Mezestoran Dvoriste is my favorite place in Belgrade so far for many reasons. First reason is the quality of the food. Being a fan of the Greek cuisine, I absolutely enjoyed the feta cheese cooked in the oven with tomatoes, oregano and olive oil from Crete. The variety of meze is great: original Cretan “Dakos” (crunchy bread, three kinds of cereal, fresh tomatoes, feta, oregano and olive oil); summer rolls with shrimps and prawns; and the eggplant stuffed with vegetables, couscous, mild tomato sauce and feta, etc . The service is friendly and very professional. When we arrived, I’ve been completely charmed by the place. The decoration, the soft lights, and the cushion makes you want to stay forever. Last but not least, the location of Dvoriste restaurant is very central. I see no reason not to try this restaurant.



Practical infos: 

  • Facebook page
  • Website
  • Working hours: Mon – Sun 09AM – 12PM
  • Address: Svetogorska 46 11000 Beograd
  • Prices:
    • Mezes: 290 to 790 RSD
    • Main dish: 790 to 1290 RSD

Simple yet tasty and healthy meals by Garden Food

We visited this place because our Airbnb was two minutes from this little restaurant. I recommend you to visit this place if you are in the neighborhood and want to eat something healthy or if you’re looking for a place to have breakfast. If you’re looking for a place with a special atmosphere to spend the evening, that is not the place to go. The restaurant is small, the decoration is not the best but the food is tasty and the service is neat and friendly. Also, prices are really ok. They serve a wide range of salads, soups, ciabatta sandwiches (their specialty), pasta, really good fresh fruit juices and smoothies as well as fluffy American pancakes. Garden Food is located 5-10 min walk from the main square.

Practical infos: 

  • Facebook page
  • Website
  • Working hours: Mon – Fri: 8AM to 11PM / Sat: 9AM to 11PM / Wed: 10AM to 11PM
  • Address: Kosovska 18 11000 Beograd
  • Prices: 
    • Breakfast: approx 300 RSD
    • Soups: approx 250 RSD
    • Main dish: 790 to 1440 RSD

Go vegan! with Gnezdo organic restaurant

If you’re familiar with vegan restaurants, you’ll notice that Gnezdo gathers the main codes of vegan places. The atmosphere is peaceful, the decoration is minimalist but cozy. The menu offers some of the classics such as green potage with chia seeds and almonds, rolled zucchini with goat cheese and pumpkin risotto,  etc. Prices are not that cheap but that’s the price to pay for good organic products and original recipes. If you decide to go there, open your eyes because finding this place is not that easy. It is located inside an old building. There are two entrances as you can see on the pictures below.

Practical infos: 

  • Facebook page
  • Website
  • Working hours: Tue – Sun 12PM – 12AM
  • Address: Male stepenice 1a, 11000 Belgrade
  • Prices: 
    • Soups: 350 RSD
    • Main dish: approx 1000 RSD
    • Smoothies: approx 400 RSD


View from Brankov most bridge


Entrance on the stairs


Entrance from above

Bon appétit and thank you for reading. Take care.


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