Shooting guns for the first time

I was not a fan of the idea at the beginning but I still wanted to give it a try. Travelling is also about trying new activities and experiences. We simply found the shooting club on TripAdvisor and the reviews were excellent. The experience was positive and it had a surprising effect on me. Also, I was wondering if I could do this activity with my implantable defibrillator. At the end, everything went well thanks to Paul and Ana who are very kind and caring about their guests. If you go to Belgrade, that’s definitely a place to go.

My prejudices were completely wrong

That was the first time for me going to a shooting club and touching a gun. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was imagining that the people would be tough and that I would not fit at all in this context. That was actually the opposite. We went to an urban suburb of Belgrade, where there are mainly high concrete towers. The scenery was kind of fitting with the activity we were about to do. When we booked, we’ve been told to wait for Ana in a cafe. When she arrived, she gave us a warm welcome. I would not expect such a kind and neat woman to work in a shooting club. My first prejudices were already broken. We followed her in a basement where the club is. We arrived in a room full of shooting guns with a small bar a few very friendly Serbian people who greeted us. We could feel the family spirit. The atmosphere was very chill. I started to feel comfortable but also curious about all of this. We met Paul, Ana’s partner. He was also very friendly and told a bit us about the place.


Shooting was for me fun and educative

First of all, Ana gave us safety guidelines and showed us how to hold the guns in our hands. At the beginning of the explanation, I felt the adrenaline. I realized, I will have a real gun in my hand and that I will shoot with it. I wasn’t sure anymore if I would do it. Listening to the explanations was difficult since the amount of info was a lot and my mind was just figuring out what I was about to do. We went to the shooting area. Ana, Paul and an older very friendly man were with us. We started to shoot with a rifle. It looked like the one you play with when you’re a child. That was not so scary. We had five bullets each for each type of guns. The goal was to hit a black point on a target a few meters away. That was fun. You actually have to focus on your position, your target, and your breathing. I didn’t realize I was shooting with a real gun. Then we shot a pistol, a revolver, a Kalashnikov, a shotgun and a Magnum. I skipped the shotgun since it was too powerful.


A force that makes you realize many things

We see people shooting guns on TV, in movies, in documentaries. We are also confronted with them in the real life when news are reporting on terrorist attacks, wars and so on. So having a gun such as a Kalashnikov in my own hands made me realize many things. It suddenly became real in my mind that all of these very dangerous guns exist and that people get killed by them. I couldn’t avoid thinking of the dramatic terrorist attacks that happened the last years and the violence attached to them. Shooting with a Kalashnikov was tough for me. It is heavy and very powerful. You realize how violent it is to get killed this way. The more powerful was the Revolver Magnum. I was very surprised by the force.



Shooting guns with an implantable defibrillator is no problem

I was concerned about my defibrillator. Before shooting, I informed myself on the Web whether or not it was possible for me to shoot. Also, I told Ana and she told me it is not an issue at all. I could shoot but the only thing is to be careful to not place the rifle on the shoulder where the defibrillator and the leads are. I am right handed and my defibrillator is on the left so it was no problem at all.

Shooting guns was fun and interesting. That was almost an educative experience. I feel more aware now. Also, Ana and Paul were so kind and very attentive. We felt completely secure and they turn the activity into a very fun thing to do. They know how to make you feel comfortable. This activity is actually very chill and everyone can do it. So thank you Belgrade Stag Weekends for this memorable experience. 

Thank you for reading. Take care.


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