Traveling without planning – Part 2

At the beginning of our trip, I wrote an article explaining why we didn’t plan anything before to go on our world tour. Three weeks after our departure, I would like to give an update on the practical side of our trip. We had certain expectations on how things would go. After three weeks only, we already have some learnings that are worth sharing.

Timing doesn’t go as you expect it to go

My expectations were that we could travel through all the Balkans in one month and a half which is absolutely not the case. Since we didn’t plan anything, I also didn’t look at the modes of transport or time needed between key destinations. We realized that traveling takes time. Especially when you want to see many things, not only the capital of the countries and you don’t want to take the plane. Also, traveling can be exhausting. Doing three hours of bus, on normal roads is long enough but in three hours, you don’t get that far. At the beginning of our trip, we went from Switzerland to Slovenia and from Slovenia to Croatia in three days only. We were exhausted and we had the feeling we were rushing so we decided to take it easier. We took the decision to stay at least three nights in each place we go. Also, if we have to travel one day to go somewhere then we plan to stay more days in this destination in order to recover. This way we can enjoy more without rushing and it is less exhausting for us.

The dead season is not the best time to explore

I thought that going down the Adriatic coast in November would be ideal. As I expected, the weather is still enjoyable. What I didn’t expect is that it is actually hard to find modes of transport. Most of the ferries don’t go after the first of October, buses are not going everywhere anymore but only in major cities. We realized it is not the time of the year to go on small villages either. Most of the places are closed. We’ve been actually lucky we could do kayak in Murter. It was the last tour of the year. Nevertheless, this season is ideal to visit from medium to large cities. It is absolutely not crowded compared to the high season. The temperatures are ideal for city trips (around 20°c) and the prices for accommodations lower while there is plentiful of offers.

One hour of planning every other day is enough

When deciding on our next destination, we took the habit to look up for transportation modes. When we are happy with the transportation duration and schedule, we check for accommodations. We usually book two days in advance and that takes us no more than one hour. Also, we ask local people for their opinion on where to go next. We like this way of traveling for the moment. We realize that it was actually not useful to plan anything before to go. This way, we are free and relax. We enjoy and live at our own pace without worrying about following a particular plan. We are not going to visit all Balkans but that it is not a big deal. We are going step by step and we will see where it brings us.


We might arrive in Kotor, Montenegro on the 31st of October and visit Montenegro for a week. Then, if we can, we’ll go through Albania. We’ve been looking for transportations and it doesn’t look really good so far. We will see what is possible to do.

Remember that you can follow our journey on exquisse’s Facebook page.

Thank you for reading. Take care.


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