No need to travel outside of Europe

We’re just back from our kayak tour and I’ve decided to write one full article about this experience. Reason number one: it was my first time sea kayaking. Reason number two: the tour was extraordinarily pleasant. Reason number three: the scenery was extremely beautiful. It made me realize again that Europe is offering so much that there is no need to travel far away to get a unique experience.

In this post, I am going to tell you more about the tour and how I experienced it. Indeed, that was my first time sea kayaking ever and first time kayaking since I’ve got my heart issues. I was a little anxious before, wondering if I could make it and if everything would go well during the tour.

So glad we didn’t kayak in Zadar

When we were in Zadar, we wrote an excursion agency offering kayak tour but somehow they never answered us on time and the departure of the tour was 45 minutes away from Zadar by car. Long story short, we didn’t make it. That was actually a good thing. I think we’ve got a much better experience here, in Murter. First of all, because the departure was ten minutes away from our Airbnb by walk. Also because we were the only people taking the tour today. We are probably the only tourists here anyway. The season is over and it is so quiet in the village. Just so you know, Murter is a small village located on an Island, one hour and a half from Zadar. I’ve booked the tour before our arrival in Murter.

Jamming adventure: chill and easy going

I’ve booked the tour before our arrival in Murter. I found Jamming adventure on the Internet and the reviews were all excellent. Their offers were very comprehensive and appealing and the prices fair. It was very easy booking the tour. I exchanged some emails with Paul, our guide, in order to fix some details beforehand. He was available and sounded really nice. We showed up this morning at 10 am, as planned, and we went to a beach by mini bus. The water was crystal clear and the sun shining.


Perfect conditions for a perfect tour

The temperature felt like 23°c I would say and the water was 20°c. The conditions were perfect even though it’s late October. After a short briefing, we left for a four hours tour. I really liked how the tour was split. We first paddled for about an hour before to stop on a beautiful beach where we had a snack. Then we paddled twenty minutes to a restaurant with a beautiful view before to go to a small island with an amazing panoramic view. It is possible to jump from the cliff. I didn’t do it because it can bring a lot of adrenaline which is not the best for me. After that, we paddled twenty minutes to a beach where the tour ended. It was the perfect timing, the perfect condition. We felt like the sea was ours. We saw nobody expect from a few sailing boats. The atmosphere was very relaxing.


The confidence just went up

Before the tour started and at the beginning, I was quite anxious that the intensity of the activity would be too much for me and would lead to a stroke. After five minutes of paddling, my fears started to shade away. Kayaking is demanding for the arms but not really for the heart or even the legs. I didn’t really feel my heart beat going up or my breathing struggling. For time to time, I would take a short break. The most important when I do a physical exercise is to focus on my breathing. Breathing in and breathing out at a regular pace and following my movements is very important for me to feel good. By the way, I learned that at my yoga classes. This way, my heart beat gets more stable, the effort seems less important. I found a good pace that allowed me not to be out of breath and I just went the whole tour like that. At the end of the tour I was feeling comfortable and I was super proud and happy that I’ve done this activity. It was so much fun and felt great.

I am alive so I live my life

When I was kayaking and when I was scared at the beginning, I thought that maybe that wasn’t a good idea or that I was unresponsible to do that. I was thinking: “What if something bad happens on the kayak ?” I was creating some kind of worst case scenarios in my head but then I thought: “If something happens on this kayak I am very glad that I was at least doing something fun.” Because, anyway, maybe something happens on the kayak or something happens when I watch TV at home. I prefer to take the risk. It can sound silly but that’s how it is and I am doing my best to live the best way possible every day.


Thank you for reading. Take care.

To get more of our kayak tour, watch Wizardbonvin vlog


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