[MAP] Zadar: discover the hidden part

Zadar, city of mass tourism…

We spent five days in Zadar, Croatia. We were there middle of October and we thought it was probably the best time to visit it. The weather was still sunny and pretty warm (20°c, but felt like 25°c) and the city was not crowded. It might be awful during the summer. Zadar is very touristic and we’ve been quite disappointed by the people here. They are not so friendly. Also, everything is quite expensive and the quality not that great. If you want to eat something else than pasta and pizza you have to pay a high price.

… but still worth visiting

Still, we’ve been impressed by the beauty of the Adriatic sea and the charming old town. The old town is surrounded by fortifications and water. Scrolling in the streets and feeling the atmosphere is already an enjoyable experience. Watching the sunset is also a unique experience. Alfred Hitchcock used to say than the sunset in Zadar is the most beautiful one on Earth. I found it quite amazing.


What to do in Zadar ?

If you don’t have a car and don’t want to pay for excursions, it is difficult to do anything around Zadar. We refused to pay for touristic excursions and we didn’t have the budget to rent a car so we visited the old town and discovered the beaches near Zadar. We had an amazing walk on the beaches and discovered less frequented places. I highly recommend this walk. You can discover the way on my map.

Where to eat in Zadar ?

As I said the food offer isn’t that great. We struggled to find tasty, healthy and affordable food in Zadar. The best place we’ve been is located on the sea, between the old town and the beach of Zadar. It is called Zara beach. The service is great, the view on the Adriatic sea is superb and the food is fresh and tasty. Prices are more than reasonable.


Zara Beach Bar

Other than this, nothing else is worth mentioning.

Should you go to Zadar and where do we go next ?

It seems that the locals are short term thinking about their tourism which is a big pity. Zadar is a very beautiful place. You can surely stop by if you’re in Croatia. Our next stop is Murter which is one hour and fifty minutes by bus in the South.We’ve been told that this place is less touristic and nature is preserved.

Do you have any recommendation about Murter ? That would be amazing.

Bonus: Here’s why I recommend Zara beach bar:

Thank you for reading.


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