[INTERVIEW] New vlogger Wizardbonvin

Wizardbonvin is a new vlogger. He is 29 years old. He was born and raised in Switzerland. His parents were working in banks. At 18 years old and without a high school diploma, he left home. He didn’t have any plan. That led him to many experiences: he was a bike repairer, a ski teacher, manager from an internet cafe and did a dozen of mini jobs before to join a prestigious hospitality management school in Lausanne. At 24 years old he co-founded Base7booking, a software company for hoteliers. Today, he is traveling the world with his camera and just started his own Youtube channel called Wizardbonvin. Here is my first interview on exquisse journal.

exquisse journal (E.J): I looked for a definition of vlog but I couldn’t find any in the dictionary. What is your definition of a vlog?

Wizardbonvin (W.B): A vlog is a blog. A blog is an article telling a story. The only difference is the first letter “v” like the word video meaning that a vlog is a blog but in video.

E.J: How did you come to the idea of making vlogs ? 

W.B: During the past four years, I was writing many blog posts for my start-up but the thing is, I am not a really good writer. I was assisted by my associate Victor to bring corrections to my texts. I do a lot of spelling mistakes. I loved to write stories so I said to myself: “Why not tell stories through videos ?” That is how I came to the idea of making vlogs.

E.J: Why do you create vlog rather than other types of videos like humorous videos or mini documentaries ?

W.B: There is already a lot of Youtubers making funny videos in French and I believe I do not have the capacities to be funny enough to do that. Also, I love documentaries but it requires a lot of skills and I think I do not have the capacities to do that either. Finally, I find documentaries not really funny to make. I prefer rough vlogs.

E.J: What are you telling in your vlogs ?

W.B: A lot of things. My vlogs tell stories about entrepreneurship. For now, there is only one about this topic but there will be more of them later. My vlogs are also about the travel we are doing this year. They simply tell the story of a guy traveling the world for one year.

E.J: There is a general idea that says that vlogs are for untalented people. What do think about that ?

W.B: First, I think they are right. If I would be that talented I would work for CNN, CNBC or National Geographic. Youtube is a very accessible medium for non-professional like us. Also, ten years ago, we were saying the same about Youtubers that are famous and powerful today. They became real humorists and gained legitimacy. Nowadays, Youtubers have the power no matter if they are vloggers, humorists, and so on. Brands are reaching to them. Youtubers really have power.

E.J: So you think that in the future, vloggers could be as powerful as humorist YouTubers now ?

W.B: This is already the case. On the French-speaking market, there is no vlogger that are doing this seriously. On the North Americain market, there are vloggers that are successful, win prices, and are recognized.

E.J: According to you, what is the recipe of a good vlog ?

W.B: First, you need a camera. That can be a phone or any kind of camera. It costs around 200€. Then you need a story, something to tell. That can be about gardening, that can be about sport. There is an audience for everything. You shouldn’t be ashamed to record yourself. What you make will in any case interest someone. There is always a market for vlogs.

E.J: How do you feel showing your life on YouTube ?

W.B: I am not showing my life. A lot of things happened in the past, for instance, the creation of my start up. That’s a pity I was not making vlogs back then. Also, I control what I show. It is not like if a TV crew would shoot everything about my everyday life.

E.J: How did you learn to make videos ?

W.B: When I was 14 years old, I started to make videos for my parents or myself. I was working with Sony Vegas, a video editing software that is expensive and very difficult to use. I just liked to cut shots, to assemble the images together, to put the music on the image. This is something I love to do. Step by step I started to be good on Vegas. I started to play Counterstrike and I made some videos of it. I didn’t really go on seriously with this because it was very painful to do actually.

E.J: What is the goal of this project ? What do you expect to get from your channel ?

W.B: This is a good question. Most of my friends and relatives don’t know why I do that. First, it is to share with them our world tour. Secondly, it is to show that there is something more in life that the usual daily routine. Especially the people of our age, around 30 years old, that are every day sitting behind a desk and desire to do something else, travel somewhere or create their own activity. This always made me sad. I want to show them that it is possible to do what they want. It is accessible to them and not complicated. Moreover, the thirties is the best moment to travel or do something different because it is an age where we know ourselves better, we know where we want to go. We are also more organized and mature. It is an opportunity that they shouldn’t miss. I don’t want them to miss it.

E.J: If you would have to give one advice to anyone who wants to start their own activity, what would it be ?

W.B: Just do it. Even if it is not successful, just do it. It is the most important.

E.J: What are the origins of your name Wizardbonvin ?

W.B: Bonvin is my family name. Wizard because I was always a geek. I have it tattooed on my arm. I just think that these two words fit well together. Their symbols are opponents. Bonvin represents my Swiss origins and Wizard is more the tech, geek, travel side of my personality. Both sides are reunited in this name.

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If you understand French, here is the video of the interview :

Thank you for reading. Take care.


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