[MAP] Lausanne with no budget

Lausanne is the first stop of our World tour. We knew that we would spend a lot of money there since everything is more expensive in Switzerland. We couldn’t do that much but still, I discovered some places that I would like to recommend.

The lake Léman is really amazing. I enjoyed very much the walk we took from Lutry to Lausanne. We walked along the lake at the end of the day. The light was great. You can find the way on my map.

We didn’t eat a cheese fondue or a raclette, a speciality here, but we went to nice cafés and cheap restaurants that were actually good. We bought our food in supermarket and did our own food for budget reasons. Coop and Migros and the main supermarket brands here. Migros is cheapest than Coop. Even on Sunday, we could find a Coop that was open.

Finally, I will recommend two or three days. Lausanne is a small city and even if you visit Montreux, Vevey and Lutry, you have time to do everything in three days.

I hope this map will be useful for you. Have a good trip !

Our next stop is Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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