[Photo] Summer isn’t over

Today, I went to pick up my pictures taken this summer. What I like with silver process cameras is that you rediscover moments and remember feelings when looking at the pictures of moments that took place weeks or months ago. My camera is a Minolta x-300. I am using the auto mode and I am currently learning how to use it manually.


Lille, France, June 2016. My friend on the left is now living in Australia. We threw a farewell party. It was during the Euro cup.


Lille, France, 2016. In the old city. The man with the hat. The famous pastry Meert in the background.


Crete, Greece, July 2016. We’ve been on a private boat tour with a fisherman. He brought us to this tiny beach. The cliff is made of clay. We could spread it on our bodies using the sea water.


Crete, Greece, July 2016. We stayed at Stephanos Village. We had a great view on the sea.


Crete, Greece, July 2016. I really like this photo. I liked the very clean structure of this landscape and the sharpness of the colors.


Düsseldorf, Germany, August 2016. Barbecue on the terrace.


Charleville-Mézière, France, August 2016. It was the warmest weekend of the year. We stayed at the superb Domaine du Faucon for two nights. We enjoyed the freshness of the forest around the castle.


Ratingen, Germany, September 2016. We went to help our friend. His Royal Enfield broke down on his way to Essen.


Düsseldorf, Germany, September 2016. On the roof of the Tonhalle, a concert hall. When the weather is sunny and warm, a bar is set up on the roof. It is one of my favorite spots to watch the sunset.


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