[MAP] Three days in Copenhagen – My city guide map

I find Copenhagen one of the most inspirational city in Europe. The best way to understand it is to experience it. I’ve lived there for a few months since I was doing one of my internships. I love to go back there for a weekend or for Distortion.

A word on my favorite festival: Distortion

It is a festival of electro music, taking place every year on the 1st weekend of June. Four days of music and fun in the coolest city. I highly recommend. You can enjoy the two first days of the festival in the streets of the city and the two last days at an old industrial area a bit outside of the city. The atmosphere is just incredible. My favorite edition: 2014. Have a look at the street party aftermovie and check some of the official aftermovie on Distortion’s Youtube channel to get a better feeling of what it is.


A city guide map of Copenhagen

When a friend of mine asked me what to see and where to go in CPH for two to three days I came up with this Google map. She told me it was very useful, so here it is. I’ve done this map based on my own experience as a student in the city. You can find tips about where to go, where to eat, drink or what to see. Of course, the city has much more to offer especially if you have a comfortable budget. This map is a solid base for your first time in Copenhagen. For each point, you’ll find the address, a short description and sometimes a picture and a link to the official website of the point of interest. Feel free to tell me what you think, how it can be improved and of course your feedback on your trip.

Enjoy your trip!







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