Heart 2 – Old machine

While drawing Heart 1, I found the structure of hearts very interesting. It made me think immediately about a machine from the 20th century. I also found inspiration in my visit to the Machine Island of Nantes 2 years ago where I discovered the very impressive machine animals. Reworking a subject is a good exercise for creativity. I already have some ideas for Heart 3…


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How to do the same exercise ?

Take a subject that you like. Search for a concrete representation of the subject. Draw the main elements.

Here is the original image I used:



Once the main forms are on paper, think of the topic you want to use to rework the subject. For me, that was the machines of the 20th century.

In order to draw the different elements, realistically, you can look for photos of these elements. For instance, I was not sure how to draw the fence so I looked up on Google image.

You can use the technic you want. I chose realistic drawing in black and white using drawing pencil from Staedtler (B2) and a thin felt-tip pen from Stabilo.  For the paper, I am using a sketch pad (240×340) from Skizzen.

Ready to try ?

I would be happy to see your work! Leave a comment and show me.


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